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Co Sell has a wide range of quality coolers suitable for a variety of applications including:

Counter top and Under-bench refrigeration

Vertical display chillers

Back Bar refrigeration

Hotel & Motel Mini bars

Promotional merchandisers 

Kitchen storage and preparation

see the range > Counter Top and Under Bench

Co Sell are proud to be the Australasian agents for the Dellware range of coolers.

Dellware manufacture a quality range of small coolers perfect for counter-top product promotion and under-bench storage. These chillers are extremely reliable with a wide range of features and are excellent value for money.

All models can be personalised with ex factory branding and LED door lighting to maximize the visual effect of the chiller.


Some of the world leading brands trust Dellware to produce their promotional chillers including Coca Cola, Monster and Nestle.


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see the range > Under Bench and Back Bar Chillers

Dellware Back Bar Chillers are available in 1, 2 or 3 door options. The 2 and 3 door models are available with hinged or sliding, self closing doors. The Dellware Back Bars are vented through the front of the cabinet meaning that they can be built into joinery or under a counter with-out the possibility of overheating.


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see the range > Vertical Display

Our Vertical Display coolers are available in single and double door options in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The new ICCOLD AU models have removable top mounted cassette refrigeration system for ease of servicing. The Procool UL1000 double door models are available in hinged or sliding door versions.

Sliding door models are are great option behind the counter where working space can be tight whilst still offering full product display to the customer.


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see the range > Kitchen Storage and Preparation

Our range of Kitchen Storage and Preparation chillers are both robust and cost effective with many quality features. Full stainless steel interior/exterior finishes. Easy clean rounded internal corners. Easy access panels for controls and maintenance. Large capacity GN 1/1 size vertical and horizontal options.


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see the range > Hotel/Motel Mini Bars

Dellware Absorbsion Mini Bar coolers are a perfect small cooler solution for a number of applications including Hotels/ Motels, Hostels, Resthomes and Apartment accomodation.

Features include;

Colour options-white, black or brown

Solid or glass door options

Reversible door with lock, adjustable shelves, LED light.

Solid door models can be integrated into cabinetry and have an ice-tray option.

Note-as these coolers are generally supplied for a project all prices are on application so we can endeavour to give you the best possible price available at the time.

see the range > Promotional Chillers

Branded chillers are a popular and cost effective way to get your brand message across to the customer as well as the added benefit of owning the retail space where they are positioned.

Another popular option is to use these types of cabinets as promotional gifts or prizes to reward  customer and supplier loyalty. 


Our Barrel and Check-out type chillers provide excellent product profile for an instore promotion. The small footprint , shopper friendly features and high quality branding mean they are readily accepted by store owners and customers alike.

Note-as these cabinets are generally supplied for a project all prices are available upon application so we can endeavour to provide you with the best possible price available at the time.

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